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Responding to Disasters: Selected Resources

November 1, 2012, Policyholder Alert
Obtaining Full Coverage for Your Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim: Eight Basic Tips

As businesses assess the damage and try to recover from the massive disruptions caused by Hurricane Sandy, many are already thinking about how their insurance contracts respond. [Read full article]

July 24, 2007, Policyholder Alert
Income Loss Insurance Coverage for Businesses in the Frozen Zone (2007 NYC Steam Pipe Explosion)

On July 18, 2007, an old steam pipe ruptured under Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, causing a massive explosion that resulted in the loss of life and numerous injuries. The blast also created a huge crater in the middle of the avenue and caused damage to nearby buildings. [Read full article]

September/October 2005 Policyholder Advisor
Twelve Tips to Secure Insurance Coverage for the Katrina and Rita Disasters

First, Hurricane Katrina. Then, Hurricane Rita. Insurance policyholders of all types, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, individuals and others have been pummeled by the devastation caused by these hurricanes. [Read full article]

Autumn 2005 Loss Advisor
Coverage for Disrupted Business Relationships in the Storm Battered Gulf Coast

Many companies have suffered losses from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, or both, not because their own facilities were damaged, but because they do business with suppliers and customers in the Gulf region who were shut down by the storms. [Read full article]

September/October 2004 Policyholder Advisor
Securing a Full Insurance Recovery After Natural Disasters

After several years of relative calm, the hurricane season hit this year with fury. Damage estimates for Hurricane Charley alone exceed $20 billion with billions more still being calculated from Frances, Ivan and Jeanne, and new storms are lining up in the tropics for their turn to assault the Carribean Islands and U.S. mainland. [Read full article]

December 2003 Policyholder Advisor
Insurance Coverage for California Fire Losses

The California wildfires raging from Mexico to Los Angeles devastated five counties, razed 3000 structures, and destroyed 750,000acres of land, an area roughly the size of Rhode Island. [Read full article]

September 2003 Policyholder Advisor
Insurance Coverage For Power Interruptions–In the Northeast and Elsewhere

Power interruptions could impact you wherever you are. As virtually the entire northeastern United States and part of Canada recover from the largest power system failure in our nation's history, and Atlantic coast regions suffer lengthy power failures caused by Hurricane Isabel, numerous policyholders have suffered losses. [Read full article]

Spring 2002 The Loss Advisor
The Insurance Industry's "Perfect Storm"

The tragedy of September 11, 2001, has coalesced many of the problems that have plagued insurance consumers over the past few years–hostile, recalcitrant claims processing by insurers; the constant attempts by insurance companies and the ISO to retool policy coverages, especially in the business income forms, to narrow the protection afforded; and the handling of even outsized claims by inexperienced adjusters with vastly limited dollar authority. Couple all of this with the beginnings of the hard market that started to show its face before September 11th and you have the insurance industry's Perfect Storm. [Read full article]

November 2001 Policyholder Advisor
Answers to Frequently Asked Insurance Questions in the Wake of September 11

Given the staggering human and emotional toll left in the wake of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, it may seem too soon to focus on economic issues. [Read full article]

White Paper
Insurance Issues for World Trade Center Disaster

This white paper lists several key issues that policyholders should consider under their property insurance policies as they cope with the aftermath of the World Trade Center Terrorist Attack. [Read full article]

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