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Spring 2012
Is Your Insurance Policy Prepared for a Disaster?

Want to know how reliable a car might be, ask a mechanic. Want to know how reliable your insurance policy might be, ask an adjuster — a public adjuster. Public adjusters document damage and adjust property insurance claims on behalf of the business owner. We are the policyholders’ advocate to ensure your claim is prepared, presented and adjusted so that your best interests are protected. In this article, we outline several insurance coverages and clauses you need to know about so that you can protect your assets in case the unfortunate happens. [Read full article]

Winter 2012
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Perhaps the most distinctive change in claims processing in the last 20 years has been the routine injection by insurance companies of so-called forensic accounting firms into the heart of the loss adjustment regimen. Make no mistake about it, these are no dispassionate auditors to assist the policyholder in advocating its claim but partisans for the insurer’s point of view that have been put in place to hone down the numbers. This has resulted from a number of factors and has caused innumerable difficulties for policyholders. [Read full article]

Spring 2009
A Look Back at Insurance Law in 2008: New York’s Highest Court Confirms that Insurance Companies are Liable for Consequential Damages Just Like Anyone Else

As insurance lawyers and public adjusters look back on 2008, one of the most significant developments was the New York State Court of Appeals’ decision in Bi-Economy Market, Inc. v. Harleysville Ins. Co. of New York, 10 N.Y.3d 187 (2008). [Read full article]

Autumn 2007
Law and Ordinance Coverage: Is It Illusionary?

Americans were lucky that the 2007 hurricane season turned out to be much milder than the preceding seasons of 2004, 2005 and 2006 which hit Florida and the Gulf Coast states hard and often. [Read full article]

Summer 2007
Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value:
How To Get the Most from Your Property Insurance

Your property insurance policy says it covers the cost "to repair or replace damaged property with property of like kind and quality," and you assume that if a fire destroys your company's property, then the insurance company will pay the cost to replace it. [Read full article]

Spring 2007
Closing the Deal on Katrina Coverage Claims–Eight Things You Should Know to Ensure the Largest Possible Recovery

Over a year and a half after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita roared through the Gulf Coast, many businesses' coverage claims remain unresolved. Policyholders' frustrations have reached the boiling point as they try to contend with insurance company adjusters who are nonresponsive, intractable in their low estimates of covered losses, or both. [Read full article]

Winter 2005/2006
Whose Expert's Card is in Your Wallet

Hurricane Katrina did more than just unleash torrents of rain, floods and horrendous winds that caused extraordinary damage. As in all widespread disasters, it also released a plethora of insurance consultants, experts and adjusters bent on servicing the claims that arose from the extreme weather conditions. [Read full article]

Autumn 2005
Coverage for Disrupted Business Relationships in the Storm Battered Gulf Coast

Many companies have suffered losses from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, or both, not because their own facilities were damaged, but because they do business with suppliers and customers in the Gulf region who were shut down by the storms. Collectively, these losses will amount to billions of dollars. [Read full article]

Summer 2005
Pre-Claim Preparation: Buying Insurance Coverage From A Claims Perspective

Traditionally, a Property Loss Consultant or Public Adjuster would be retained as a result of a property or casualty loss with the sole objective of assisting the Policyholder with the "claims" process. A Property Loss Consultant can have a distinct impact on more than the claims process. These trained and licensed experts can assist a Policyholder in non-traditional ways to allow for a more comprehensive recovery plan. [Read full article]

Spring 2005
It's All About the Team

The success of the New England Patriots is based on excellent preparation, exploiting match-ups and playing smart, creative football. Likewise, the results obtained by the combination of the Anderson Kill Loss Advisors and the team of attorneys at Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C. are premised on the same guiding principles. [Read full article]

Spring 2003
Making Your Property Insurance Pay

There is no more daunting a task in the adjustment of a property and time element claim than when the degree of destruction is so great that the environment and surrounding areas are engulfed by the fall out and there is resulting bodily injury. So follow this loss scenario. [Read full article]

Winter 2003
Consider Your Options

Policyholders should consider alternative options rather than traditional methods of financial recovery after suffering a property loss. [Read full article]

Spring 2002
The Insurance Industry's "Perfect Storm"

The tragedy of September 11, 2001, has coalesced many of the problems that have plagued insurance consumers over the past few years—hostile, recalcitrant claims processing by insurers; the constant attempts by insurance companies and the ISO to retool policy coverages, especially in the business income forms, to narrow the protection afforded; and the handling of even outsized claims by inexperienced adjusters with vastly limited dollar authority. Couple all of this with the beginnings of the hard market that started to show its face before September 11th and you have the insurance industry's "Perfect Storm." [Read full article]

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